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Complete Collision Restoration

We can restore your vehicle back to its original form before the accident.

Auto Body Paint

We can restore your vehicle’s paint body to it’s original factory color.

Precision Frame Repair

We offer frame diagnostics, restoration, and repair.

Aluminum Repair

We can fix any aluminum equipment that you have with the right tools.


We can clean, restore, and polish your vehicle so it looks good as new.

Free Tire Pressure Checks

We make sure your tire’s pressure is at its recommended PSI.

Oil Changes

We don’t just change the oil. We prevent your car from running the wrong way

Free Loaner Vehicles

We can offer you a free loaner vehicle while you wait for yours in the shop.

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What Others Say About Us

Reasonable quote. Quick fix.

Lan Y. years,
This shop was able to completely restore my car back looking brand new! Thanks hawk body shop and I highly recommend this place to anyone!

Jacky Lin years,
A great body shop 🙂 We are proud to say they truly deserve a five!! Our car is just like new ^u^

Cecilia Nolte years,

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